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RBI Circular DPSS.CO.CHD.No.1832/04.07.05/2009-2010 dated February 22, 2010 - "CTS 2010 Standard"

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  1. Bottoming is a kind of v-bending that also solves the springback problem. It entails deforming the sheet metal in the bend region by applying further drive through the tip of the punch after completion of bending. The sheet metal bending process entails applying a MATERNITY VESTS drive to a sheet metal part to alter its geometry. This drive causes stress on the sheet metal past its yield strength, inflicting the fabric to physically deform with out breaking or failing. Passivation reduces the pure chemical reactivity of the metal’s floor. In the case of stainless steel, an acid answer is applied to take away any free iron from the floor forsaking elements would possibly be} extra resistant to rust and corrosion.



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