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Exclusion of certain topics from ITSM Syllabus for November,2012 Attempt & Onwards


Certain topics from ITSM syllabus have been excluded for the purpose of November,2012 attempt and onwards, relevant announcement regarding the same can be read on BOS portal



  1. in IT software chapter is included in page 1.0 to 1.105 is it excluded for nov 2012

  2. Considering the latest study material provided by ICAI, Chapter 1 is divided into 3 units,
    Unit 1 - Introduction to Computers
    Unit 2 - Input and Output Devices, &,
    Unit 3 - Software;
    the exclusion of topics from Chapter 1 is in relation to unit 1 & 2 only, Unit 3 - "Software" remains intact in the syllabus and Questions can be asked from this unit. In addition to this certain portion of Unit 1 and 2 are still relevant like-
    *Functions of Computer,
    *Basic Architecture of Computer(without details about specific devices;Only basic structure),
    *Advantages and Limitations of Computer
    *Meaning and significance of I/O etc.
    So as per my opinion, Chapter 1 shouldn't be skipped totally, Unit 3 + Above small portion of Unit 1&2 still makes it an easy and potentially scoring Unit.
    I Hope this helped, Best of luck for your preparations!

    P.S. :- Please refer the latest study material hosted on on 14th September, 2012) -
    *Table Of Contents -
    *Chapter 1 -



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