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Data Base and Data Base Management System[DBMS]

Data Base is a COMPUTER FILE SYSTEM that uses particular file organization to facilitate rapid updating of individual records, simultaneous updating of related records, easy access to all records, by all applications, programs, and rapid access to all stored data which must be bought together for a particular routine report or inquiry or a special purpose report or inquiry. As far as pats of DBMS are concerned, it consists of Data, Hardware, Software & User.


The Data Constituent of DBMS  acts as a Bridge between Hardware-Software and User
The Hardware constituent,i.e; Secondary Storage Volumes, Disks, Drums, Assisting Devices, Control Units, Channels etc. are the physical backbone of DBMS
The Software constituent acts as a bridge between User and Database
User is the beneficiary/manager of DBMS, a user either maintains or gets served by the Database

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