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Case Study based on Quasi Contracts(Section 71)

Case-  Raman while roaming in a park found a Watch there which seemed to be pretty expensive, Since no one was around and Raman was in need of a watch, he kept the same inside his pocket. Tejas; the original owner of the watch was finding the watch in the park desperately, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts. One day, while a morning Jog Tejas saw his lost watch on the wrist of Raman and asked him to return the same after providing sufficient proof of original ownership. But Raman arrogantly refused to return the watch by saying that he had found the watch so now it belongs to him, Write your noting on this case in the Light of The Indian Contract Act, 1872.

 ANSWER- “Raman is the founder of lost Goods” in the light of Indian Contract Act. So, as a finder of lost goods, he has the same rights and duties as that of a bailee. It was his duty to conduct a reasonable search of original owner; and now that the original owner has been discovered, it is his duty to handle the goods to him and recover the expenses he has incurred in due course regarding lost goods from the original owner. Hence, contention of Raman is incorrect and Tejas is legally entitled to regain his Watch.

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